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Director's Message

KRISHNA PUBLIC SCHOOL educates the minds and hearts of child in a supportive and intellectually challenging community that encourages respect, integrity, creativity, and spiritual growth, preparing them as independent and confident student to embrace the extraordinary opportunities of our complex world.
Believing that "every child is a child of God" and that mutual respect lies at the heart of our community, KRISHNA PUBLIC SCHOOL is committed to creating a supportive and intellectually challenging environment for all individuals.
We value the multiple perspective deriving from differences in race, national and ethnic origin, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, and physical characteristics. We welcome a diverse population of students, faculty, staff and trustees, and through our policies, curriculum, and programs seek to bridge cultural divisions and build appreciation for our nation`s rich multi-cultural heritage.
We strive to model, encourage, and require conduct that affirms these beliefs and strengthens our cohesiveness as a community. To support these goals, KPS offers an excellent college-preparatory academic program and outstanding extracurricular and leadership opportunities. By giving students a sense of belonging and by encouraging self confidence within a superior academic environment, the school prepares young girls to embrace the global nature of the 21st century, to make full use of their talents, and to seek out fulfilling lives as independent, disciplined, and generous citizens of the world.
In addition, KPS embraces environmental conservation and support all activities that enhance the beauty of God`s earth.
KRISHNA PUBLIC SCHOOL acknowledges the innate affinity humans have with the natural environment. We honor that affinity by preparing our students, through curriculum and program, to become active environmental citizens of the world they will inherit. We also honor our responsibility to operate the school in a manner that is consistent with our mission and with our obligations to the local and global environment, as stewards fo God`s earth.